What is dabei - history and present

dabei-austria is constituted as a non-profit association and is based in Vienna.

The association advocates giving people with disabilities a fair chance of professional integration into the open employment market, in other words, offering young people valuable perspectives in regard to their future professional lives.

A pool of service providers offering occupational orientation and integration, the organization combines these resources on a federal level and represents their interests to policy makers, administrators and businesses.

Dabei-austria also promotes lobbying activities for providing constructive input into the general framework and structural models for occupational integration.

Information Platform and Service Point for Member Organizations

The umbrella organization sees itself as a platform to promote better communication and the sharing of ideas between its members.

The organization of networking opportunities and continuing education programs facilitates the transfer of knowledge and conceptual/methodical discussions.

The involvement of other national and international networks will provide increased benefits for member organizations.

5 Services provided by professional integration gathered under one umbrella organization

The umbrella organization currently represents some 85 organizations throughout Austria which implement the following six programs involving professional integration on behalf of and according to the specifications and guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs and Consumer Protection, specifically, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Social Affairs:

> Employment support

> Vocational training assistence

> Jugendcoaching

> Jobcoaching

> Individual support at the workplace

> Produktionsschule


Establishment of an Umbrella Organization for Supported Employment

The umbrella organization, Professional Integration Austria, was founded in 2002 as an umbrella of initially all supported employment projects in Austria. As such it carried out significant pioneer work by creating networking structures for providers of services offered by Supported Employment in Austria.

The umbrella organization also established itself as information platform and service point for members and cooperation partners as well as a mouthpiece between the service providers and the financial sources. The membership increased steadily.

Expansion of the umbrella organization – all professional integration offers now go through "dabei"

Finally, in 2006, a carefully prepared expansion of the umbrella organization took place to include even more of Professional Integration's proposals sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs and Consumer Protection.

The pooling of all Professional Integration's services under one common umbrella organization took place in March of 2006 and the amalgamation was sealed by changing the name of the organization. Since then, the umbrella organization operates successfully under the designation

Dachverband berufliche Integration Austria, in short: dabei-austria.